Located east of the village and at a distance of approximately 300 metres from the village square is the main church of the village, which is dedicated to the Holy Cross.

According to the date marked inside it, the church of the village was built in the 18th century and more specifically in 1772. The church opened its doors on October 14th, 1979 while it has recently been renovated. According to the Community Council, the present church of the Holy Cross replaced a small chapel which used to stand in its place and which had been ruined.

It is a Byzantine church with an arched roof and dimensions 10.5 X 20 m. Internally, the church is adorned by new hagiographies and a wooden chancel which was created by Savvas K. Taliadoros, who came from the community of Agros, in 1962.

Built northeast of the village is a humble chapel dedicated to Agios Neophytos and which was constructed in 1974.

The chapel of Agios Sozomenos is built in the abandoned housing of Agios Sozomenos. The single-roomed chapel of Agios Sozomenos was probably built between the 15th and 16th century. What is worth mentioning is that the relics of the gothic chapel are still visible today.

Agios Sozomenos carved his seclusion shelter in a rock. The Saint’s grave is in fact located at the deep end of the cave and it was carved by the Saint himself. Hagiographies dated back to the 11th and the 16th century are today visible in the cave.