• Construction of fifteen (15) residences by the Land Development Organisation.
  • Maintenance of agricultural roads and roads within the housing.  

The Community Council of Potamia, aiming at the development, progress and beautification of the community, has planned a series of projects. Presented below are both the scheduled projects and the ones already under construction.

Scheduled Projects:

  • Construction of a large bridge over the river Gialias.
  • Construction of the sewerage system.
  • Creation of a Missing Persons’ Monument.
  • Construction of a Community Park.
  • Plot partition to be conceded to poor families.
  • Construction of a Museum and a Community Library.
  • Maintenance of Agios Sozomenos and its ancient monuments.
  • Construction of a Community Kiosk.
  • Reshaping and beautification of the Turkish-Cypriot mosque.
  • Asphalting of the road leading towards the Laiki Sporting Club.