Potamia is built on the fertile land of the banks of river Gialias. Wild vegetation and cultivations conjure up images that give the impression of being part of a work of art.

Cultivations with fodder and other agricultural plants flourish in Potamia. Wheat, barley, clover, corn and vegetables constitute some of the most important cultivations of the community, while one can also find some bio-cultivations in the village.

What is also worth mentioning is that in Potamia there are beautiful greenery areas with lemon, olive, carob and mastic trees. These areas are landscaped and maintain by the workers of the Community Council of Potamia as they constitute the pride of the Community.

The fauna of Potamia includes various reptiles such as the blunt-nosed viper and black snakes, as well as various animal species including some which can be hunted during the hunting period. In particular, in Potamia one can meet hares, partridges, black francolins and foxes.

Finally, it must be mentioned that back in the 1950s tobacco used to be cultivated in Potamia. In fact, there is a hall in the village where tobacco used to be processed and which is known as a smoke “house”.

Mr Panayiotis Yiatrou, Community Council President and Potamia Community Council workers